Threading Free yourself from the tyranny of the tweezers!

Eyebrows; Eyebrows Re-shaping; Chin; Upper Lip; Lower Lip; Side Burns; Forehead; Full Face; Neck; Jawline; Hairline/Forehead; Eyebrow+Upperlip; Eyebrow+Upperlip+Chin; Neck+Chin; Eyebrow+Upperlip+Sideburns; Eyebrow+Upperlip+Forehead

Threading at Soundharya ensures effective, long-lasting smooth hair-free skin, as painless as possible. Our makeup artist will shape your eyebrows pertaining to your face and eye position. You could also get rid of unwanted hair on your upper-lip, forehead, chin, and other facial hair.

Eyebrow Threading is one of the most important services that one should get. It not only removes hair from your eyebrow, but it also adds to the natural beauty of your face.

Threading is a unique art of hair removal, which originated in the Middle East/Asian countries, centuries ago. Besides being a very quick and a precise technique, it is very hygienic too. It involves shaping and removal of unwanted hair with a cotton string. Hairs are caught in the twists of the string and when moved just right, it pulls the hairs out from the root, does not peel off the skin layer like waxing, with absolutely no mess at all.

Threading is less painful than waxing or plucking, much gentle on your skin especially if you are sensitive, have pimples. Hair does not grow back as fast and the regrowth is much finer. This is a perfect option for women who suffer from rapid and excessive hair growth.